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Battery-free technology

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Battery-free mini body scale


Product specifics:

~ no battery replacement/ recharge

~ high precision strain gauge sensor system

~ 5mm tempered safety glass platform

~ patented technology (PCT)

~ automatic power generation control

~ capacity: 150kg/ 330lbs


Size/ Weight:  254 x 169 x 26mm/ 760g


Brand: U-power, made in China


about battery-free

Lithium-ion batteries are found in many modern electronics, including mobile world, electric vehicles and energy storage systems. It plays an important role in the transition of fossil fuels based transportation to cleaner electricity mode. Though lithium-ion batteries help promote many sustainable actions, it’s worth noting that the batteries themselves are not yet “environmentally friendly.”  Much of the world’s lithium is extracted from the deserts of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. They are hard to recycle and they're volatile, less than five percent of lithium-ion batteries are currently recycled.  Scientists from all over the world have been exploring new batteries technology, that can charge in seconds, seek to make energy storage cheaper and safer. Besides, many scientists are also trying to get rid of them completely. but it is a long journey to go. Battery-free product simply means less energy consumption in production and less soil pollution caused by disposal.


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