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Delivery Arrangement

Hong Kong  delivery arrangements

Delivery details:
1.  Local delivery in Hong Kong, customers generally have the option to deliver the goods within 2-5 days after the order confirmation day. If no delivery is received after the delivery arrives at the address, the customer service staff will contact you separately to reschedule the delivery time and charge a delivery fee of HK$50.
2.  If the customer confirms the order after the cut-off time 1 day before the public holiday or during the holiday, the delivery date will be extended accordingly. Please pay attention to the delivery time provided by the system before confirming the order.
3.  Some remote areas may require a longer delivery time. Pay attention to the relevant instructions when ordering and the emails sent by the system to confirm the delivery time.
4.  Orders on Saturdays are generally processed as usual. Orders on Sundays and public holidays require a longer delivery time. Pay attention to the relevant instructions when ordering and pay attention to the email sent by the system to confirm the delivery time. For details, please pay attention to the notice.
5.  The delivery times listed above are only applicable to normal conditions. When affected by severe weather, typhoons or other uncontrolled factors, the delivery time may be postponed. These conditions are not covered by this service commitment. There is no guarantee of timely delivery.
6.  Free delivery service is available for purchases of HK$150 or above (including discounted prices and deduction of e-coupon amount). If the patronage amount is less than HK$150, a delivery service fee of HK$30 will be charged.
7.  Delivery service covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Tung Chung. Tung Chung area must be delivered according to the schedule (every Monday, Wednesday or Friday) without additional charges. If it is specifically designated to be delivered outside the scheduled schedule, a delivery fee of HK$100 will be charged. There are no delivery services in Islands District, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, any controlled areas and areas where trucks are not allowed to enter. 
8.  In case of any dispute, Green Marketing Limited reserves the right of final decision.
Terms and Conditions of Delivery:
1.  We will arrange delivery after confirming your online payment.
2.  All orders are subject to final confirmation based on the supply of goods from the supplier. If we fail to provide any ordered goods or services, we have the right to cancel the order and will notify the customer by phone or email before delivery.
3.  We will not call the recipient in advance to confirm the delivery time, please pay attention to our email notification.
4.  In order to protect customers, the Green Customer Director will call customers before delivery to verify customer information. Third-party logistics will only deliver services on a specified date, only in Hong Kong.
5.  Once the order is confirmed, you cannot change any information including the delivery address. If you need assistance, please contact us.
6.  We are not responsible for delays or inability to deliver due to incorrect addresses or incomplete information. Products that fail to contact the customer to confirm the information / unsuccessful delivery will be returned to Green Marketing Limited, and the freight paid will not be refunded. Within 5 days after confirming the order, if the customer who did not fill in the address or information did not contact our customer director, we will also charge the relevant delivery fee (additional service fee) for the second delivery.  For enquiries, please contact us.
7.  The goods must be signed before they can be considered as receiving goods.
8.  The recipient should verify the goods as soon as possible after receiving the goods. If non-human factors are found or the packaging is damaged or incomplete during transportation, please contact us immediately after the goods are delivered for return and exchange. contact us.
9.  If the recipient entrusts others to collect the goods, Green Marketing Limited and third-party logistics will not be responsible for the risks or losses involved.
10.  When the product is delivered to the delivery address specified in the order, whether or not it is signed by the designated recipient, the delivery will be considered complete.
11.  Third party logistics will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the goods before the date of promised delivery, and you agree and confirm that all shipments may be delayed.
12.  When the Typhoon signal No. 8 or above or the black rainstorm warning is in effect, the delivery service time will be delayed or another arrangement will be made.
13.  We are not responsible for delays, losses, or damages caused by uncontrolled factors such as natural disasters, political factors, industrial surges, nuclear explosions, or wars.
14.  We will charge a corresponding additional service fee for overdue items, so please receive the goods on time.
15.  If more than one shipping container is included in the same order, the third-party logistics may deliver the goods separately. The delivery time may be different, depending on the third-party logistics delivery arrangements.
16.  In case of any dispute, Green Marketing Limited reserves the right of final decision.