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about us

Green Market is an environmental education and product promotion platform in Hong Kong dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles to organizations and consumers. We are passionate about green consumption and business practices, introducing quality green choices to foster sustainable lifestyle. 

We focus on environmental education and we provide free training services to organizations to foster a socially responsible corporate culture. At the same time, we conduct market research on different green practices & market needs and strive to find high-quality green products for consumers. To gain a deeper understanding of users’ product experience, we also develop our own branded green products. 

The founders believe that doing environmental care business will bring happiness to people and good to our mother planet. Even though our voice in the market is not strong, but we believe that promoting sustainable development is the right direction to lead the future.

綠色營銷是香港的環保教育及產品推廣平台,致力於促進機構及消費者的可持續生活方式。我們熱衷於綠色消費及商業實踐引入優質的綠色產品,鼓勵付諸實踐, 讓環保融入生活。我們為機構免費提供環保培訓服務,以培育兼備社會責任的企業文化。同時,我們針對不同的綠色實踐和市場需求進行研究,努力為消費者尋找優質的綠色產品。為了更深入地了解用戶的產品體驗,我們還開發了自己品牌的環保產品。創辦人相信,做環保事業會給人們和地球母親帶來幸福。儘管我們在市場上的聲音並不強大,但我們深信推廣可持續發展是引領未來的正確方向。