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Green Market is an environmental education and product promotion platform in Hong Kong dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyle. We are passionate about green consumption and green business practices, we love to source and promote high quality green choices for businesses and individuals.

We provide free training services to organizations to foster a environmentally and socially responsible corporate culture. We have a strong interest in green market research, and we develop green products of our “Green Market” brand to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience.

The founders believe that doing green business will bring happiness to people and our planet. One of our social missions is to provide work opportunities to retirees to enrich their social connectedness. Even though our voice in the market is not strong, but we believe that promoting sustainable development is the right direction to lead the future.


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The 90-minute GREEN TALK covers environmental issues in daily life. It aims to enhance members' awareness of environmental issues, viable measures & actions, and to understand their roles playing in a sustainable corporate culture.



Water Resources

Energy Efficiency

Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Waste Management

Latest Green Tech

and more......

(Capacity: 10-50 persons)



green goes with everything, change one thing, change everything

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